ELT today: What's our purpose?

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Meet our members

Daniela Pensado

Daniela Pensado is an English and Spanish teacher with 18 years of experience. She is currently the coordinator of the International Department at Colégio Pentagono Morumbi, where she has the opportunity to work with course design and to contribute with teachers professional development. She believes that learning a new language can really make a difference in someone’s life. Daniela is passionate about learning new methodologies and strategies that can help students to learn better. She loves going to the movies and to restaurants with her husband and family and to watch tv series.

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Betina Jucá Cruz

Betina is the creator of ELT today and she has been an experienced English teacher since 2010. She's both a CELTA and CPE holder. Passionate teacher and learner, she's always seeking professional development through  constantly attending CPD (Continuous Professional Development) initiatives . She's currently an English language teacher at Colégio Visconde de Porto Seguro. Betina enjoys books and films and is, more often than not, either on her hammock catching up on her reading or on the TV, watching some classics.

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Felipe Palmaka

Felipe Palmaka is an English Language Teacher with more than a decade teaching, learning and having a fruitful career in ELT. Felipe has participated and presented at several conferences such as Braz-Tesol, ABCI, LABCI and IETFL. A strong believer in the power of changing lives through teaching a new language, he is constantly attending training sessions regarding language teaching, blended learning, promoting interaction through technology in an online class to name a few. Felipe enjoys playing his bass and listening to his favourite British bands but can also be found binge-watching his favourite series.

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A space of collaboration

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ELT today is a website/blog for educators and teachers to share insights on English language teaching within the ELT community.

It is a space of collaboration from teachers, to teachers, where teacher colleagues post articles, videos and promote webinars on their topic of preference. 

We strongly believe that "sharing is caring" and this is the whole purpose of ELT today: For ELT teachers to share their teaching practice and help fellow colleagues.

We really look forward to having your contributions and ideas here.

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